Our History

Frontier Co. was established in 1996 as a dispensing pharmacy in Kurihama City near Tokyo. As of today, the company has gradually increased to 10 storefronts in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. In order to contribute to the local health care industry, Frontier also opened a nursing home and healthcare service facility for the elderly in 2011 in Shizuoka prefecture under the skilled management of the president, Mr. Nobuaki Ito.

In 2011, Soleil Holdings Co. was established as the parent company of Frontier Co. Soleil Holdings Co. recently started business activities trading medicine and grain with eastern European countries such as Ukraine, taking advantage of Mr. Hakuo Yanagisawa’s good relationships with those countries. He, the company adviser, was a famous statesman in Japan, once serving as Japan’s Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. He also acted as chairman of the Japanese-Ukrainian Economic Council, successfully developing bilateral relations between Japan and Ukraine.

Soleil Holdings Co., Ltd

Established in 2011 as parent company of Frontier Co.


Yokohama H. Office
(409, 5-17 Saitobuncho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, 221-0811 Japan)

Tokyo B. Office
(Shinga Bldg 7F, 1-16-6 Shibadaimon, Minatoku, Tokyo, 105-0012 Japan)


Yokohama +81-45-481-0419 / yokohama@b-star.jp
Tokyo +81-3-6206-6606 / qqs82ny79@shore.ocn.ne.jp


32,000,000 yen ($320,000)

Annual business:

3,000,000,000 yen ($30,000,000) in 2015

Business (group of companies):

dispensing pharmacy/medical consultation
/nursing home for the elderly and handicapped
/mediation service for medicinal and grain trade


Nobuaki Ito

No. of employees:


Main banks:

Mizuho B/K, Resona group banks, etc.


Saitama Prefecture(7)/ Tokyo (1)/ Kanagawa Pref.(1)/ Chiba Pref.(1)

Nursing home:

Shizuoka Prefecture(1)

Nobuaki Ito

フレンド薬局 久里浜店

■埼玉県 南部
フレンド薬局 西浦和店
みずほ薬局 所沢店

■埼玉県 北部
フレンド薬局 本庄店
フレンド薬局 本庄本店
フレンド薬局 秩父店
フレンド薬局 大野原店

フレンド薬局 池上店

フレンド薬局 五井店


(株)フロンティア   フレンド薬局/みずほ薬局
〒105-0012 東京都港区芝大門1丁目16番6号 新雅ビル7階 ( MAP )
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